Dr Peter Glen Walley (University of Liverpool)

Email: Peter.walley@liverpool.ac.uk
Website: https://www.liverpool.ac.uk/integrative-biology/staff/peter-walley/
Expertise: Brassicas, Field trials, Molecular breeding, Quantitative genetics, Tomato, Vegetables
Research Areas: Abiotic stress- Drought, Abiotic stress- Heat, Abiotic stress- Salt, Disease resistance, Genetics, Pathogen and pest biology, Plant breeding, Plant development, Post-harvest performance



Prof Katherine Denby (University of York)

Email: katherine.denby@york.ac.uk
Website: https://www.york.ac.uk/biology/research/bioinformatics-biosystems/katherine-denby/
Expertise: Bioinformatics, Gene editing, Molecular biology, Molecular breeding, Orphan crops, Quantitative genetics, Transciptomics, Vegetables
Research Areas: Biological control, Disease resistance, Genetics, Pathogen and pest biology, Vegetable quality traits


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