Dr Laura Dixon (University of Leeds)

Email: l.dixon2@leeds.ac.uk
Website: http://www.leeds.ac.uk/staffaz/Dixon
Expertise: Bioinformatics, Field trials,  Microscopy, Molecular breeding, Molecular biology, Polyploid genomes, Quantitative genetics, Speed breeding, Transcriptomics, Wheat
Research Areas: Abiotic stress- Cold, Abiotic stress- Heat, Genetics, Physiology- crop, Plant development, Shoot architecture, Vascular development, Genetics


Gail Shuttleworth (University of York)

Email: gail.shuttleworth@york.ac.uk
Website: http://www.biorenewables.org/
Expertise: Analysis, Downstream processing, Extraction, Gene editing, Microbiology, Molecular breeding, Molecular biology, Oil characterisation, Participatory technology assessment, Pretreatment, Protein biochemistry, Science communication, Speed breeding, Synthetic Biology, Transcriptomics
Research Areas: Biorenewables, Business development and engagement, Genetics, High value chemicals and products from plants and residues, Knowledge exchange and co-production, Pretreatment, Soil borne disease, Soil microbiome, Valorisation, Waste stream analysis and valorisation


Prof Seth J Davis (University of York)

Email: seth.davis@york.ac.uk
Website: https://www.york.ac.uk/biology/research/plant-biology/seth-davis/
Expertise: Phenomics, Transcriptomics, Quantitative genetics, Bioinformatics, Structural Biology, Speed breeding, Molecular biology, Barley, Soybean, Cassava
Research Areas: Water, Abiotic stress- Nutrients, Abiotic stress- Cold, Abiotic stress- Heat, Abiotic stress- Drought, Physiology, Plant development, Genetics, Plant hormones, Circadian clock, Flowering time regulation


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